Clouds loom over the 25th birthday of the World Wide Web


Clouds loom over the 25th birthday of the World Wide Web.


How can politician’s stop climate change?


I have recently emailed my local MP following a MOOC on Climate Change: Challenges and Solutions. I wanted to know what they were doing about climate change, and I received a letter back giving me information about activities my local MP was doing. If you are interested then you can find them here.
I do not think this goes far enough. So I am going to write another email. You can find a copy of it below. If you support what I am saying then please leave a comment and I will add to my email that I have blogged this email and have support from others.

[email to my MP]
Thank you for my letter. It was great to hear about the local actions taking place in Falmouth and Cornwall. However, we also need to think globally. What is the government doing to set the scene for a future where we respect our natural resources and live within planetary boundaries?
I ask this question, as I have recently finished a MOOC with the University of Exeter and the lead educator – Tim Lenton put forward these issues in the course. In his final feedback video, he espoused that politicians need to provide a template for the economy and society where we live within the planetary boundaries. You can find this information on Professor Tim Lenton’s blog.
Please can you let me know how the Government and the Conservative Party will be meeting the challenge of stopping the stripping of natural resources (e.g. fossil fuels, metals, and water) to create goods and services that increases GDP, which ultimately leads to waste products. These waste products are contributing to climate change, ocean acidification and the increasing likelihood of water scarcity.
I am a concerned citizen of the UK and I want to find a path where we can keep our planet healthy for human beings. Let me know how you can help.
Yours sincerely,

Ms. Caffrey.
[end of email]
Please add a comment if you support or have further questions you want to put forward to our politicians.